I Need a Better Investment Approach

Recent market cycles have many financial advisors questioning their current investment strategy. Following these cycles, it has become clear that financial advisors can’t put their investment approach on cruise control. The days of “set it and forget it” appear to be gone.

Financial advisors need to stay on top of their investments and market moving trends while still effectively communicating and meeting the needs of their clients. Both activities are time consuming and advisors must stay focused on where their time is best spent.

Bellatore offers advisors an investment strategy built on a solid academic foundation that is adaptive to the changing markets. With Bellatore, you can deliver a consistent, robust investment strategy while focusing the majority of your time on your business and working with your clients. Our strategies enable you to:

Adapt to Changing Markets

We help you adapt to changing marketsMarkets change over time, but most advisors don’t change their investment approach. Whether it’s a busy schedule, being out of touch with the markets or a large administrative burden, neglecting a client account can be costly to you and your client. Bellatore helps advisors stay proactive with their portfolio management through ongoing repositioning and rebalancing. We can help you stay informed and easily adapt to the changing markets.

Move Beyond Buy & Hold

Many advisors built their business with a buy & hold philosophy and are hesitant to move from it, even if they think it would benefit their clients. The challenge is that most advisors think in an “either-or” framework. You either buy & hold or market time. By partnering with Bellatore, you’ll have the strategies and resources available to use a “both” framework. With an esteemed investment committee overseeing our investment approach, you and your clients gain the benefits of a strategic core with a tactical overlay.

Access Investment Experts

Access a team of Investment Experts and ProfessionalsMany advisors don’t have the luxury of having access to a professional investment team. At Bellatore, you have direct access to key investment professionals that can help you understand the investment landscape and interpret that for your clients. You can also leverage investment professionals for prospect support and detailed analysis.

Increase Portfolio Diversification

There are more than five mutual funds to every stock in the U.S., yet many advisors limit the number of fund companies they use to two or three. It is rare to find one investment company that has the expertise, selection and track record necessary to build an effectively diversified portfolio. Bellatore helps advisors build well-diversified portfolios that leverage the most appropriate strategy using an open-architecture, non-proprietary platform.

Manage Client Expectations

Setting and managing reasonable client goals is a key to a successful wealth planning relationship. When it comes to investing, expectations should be handled in a similar fashion. Bellatore gives financial advisors access to flexible solutions that deliver predictable results while communicating and explaining our process every step of the way.

Take Action Now

Now is a great time to move to a proactive, scientific investment approach. Bellatore offers both managed and advisor-directed investment solutions to help you deliver expert investment advice with minimal effort.